Dell Closes Acquisition Number Six for Fiscal Year

Dell Inc. has been rather busy this year when it comes to acquisitions in this 2013 fiscal year, which began in February of 2012. Having already purchased AppAssure Software Inc., SonicWall Inc., Wyse Technology Inc., Make Technologies, and Clerity Solutions Inc.

Deal number six comes with the closing of a $2.4 billion acquisition of Quest Software, Inc.  and investor reactions were not of a positive note. Dell has already seen a decline in their stock of 31 percent for the year. The purchase of the California-based company came only three short months after Dell agreed to buy it, although the month of July had been a month-long bidding war.

In the end, with the bidding war sending the acquisition price to $28 per share, Dell officials believe Quest Software has just the type of data management, protection package and server management that they’d like to be able to offer their customers.

Dell ranks number three in the world of computers and employs approximately 12,000 people in Texas. In an effort to move up in the ranks, the computer manufacturer is looking to expand it’s offering to a full service technology company.

Earlier acquisitions this year were also geared at changing the face of Dell, which is apparent from previous acquisitions this year. Make Technologies, for example, provides cloud-based systems which would upgrade potential clients who were still using conventional applications. This acquisition alone allows them to diversify in areas such as higher margin storage, software and services.

The new business plan and acquisitions have already increased the number of Dell employees by 1850 workers. There has been a shortfall however as August numbers reported an 18 percent decline in their second-quarter profit on revenue from the same quarter of the previous year.

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