Auto Giant Comes to Austin

General Motors Corporation made an announcement on Friday that will bring more economic improvements to our exploding job market here in Austin. The auto giant is looking to expand technological advances in order to change the way they do business. In order to do so, they are creating an information technology center which will add 500 more people to the workforce.

It is reported that GM will be open its new facility in the Tech-Ridge area of Northeast Austin, into what was once leased to Dell Inc. There were two other areas under consideration for the expansion.  Job openings are expected to include varied technology-related professionals.

GM’s CIO, Randy Mott, expects to be hiring software programmers, project managers, database professionals and those with expertise in cloud computing. “It really covers the waterfront,” Mott said. “We are trying to drive innovation in factory systems and product designs. We are driving across that broad skill set.”

Mott is well versed in the technology business, having formerly been chief information officer for Hewlett-Packard Co. and Dell Inc. He believes Austin is well-suited for the new direction the company is headed as they plan for each of the four new IT groups to be located in areas with expansive university programs and a ripe field of information technology workers.

While GM has long been known to outsource their IT operations, but Mott has indicated plans to move those positions back to workers within the company. He fully believes GM is capable of being competitive in the field of technology employers.

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