Investment Fraud, Disputes and Litigation

You do not mess with other people’s money. Any corporation issuing stock has a duty to reveal to potential investors the business plan, past performance, reasonable projections of profits and offsets, and known risks such as a competitor’s new product. Failure to make key financial disclosures that may sway investor decisions is known as investment fraud.

The law firm of John McDuff represents individuals or groups of investors in suits alleging misrepresentation or outright fraud in stock purchase and private offerings. Our practice has also successfully defended stockbrokers in investment litigation.

We Work Hard to Recover Your Losses in Investment Fraud

Our law firm seeks client recoveries in every scenario:

  • Corporations intentionally misleading shareholders (and brokers)
  • Fraud in private offerings of “investment opportunities”
  • Securities fraud
  • Stock fraud and manipulation
  • Misrepresentation and broker fraud
  • Buying or selling without authority



Misrepresentation and Broker Fraud

Stockbrokers, investment advisers, and other securities professionals have a legal duty to deal honestly with their clients and to disclose all pertinent information regarding investments. Federal law and Texas securities statutes make it illegal for anyone to misrepresent information in connection with the sale of a stock. The consequences of misrepresentation on financial statements can be devastating to investors who seek to make wise choices based on solid facts.

Cases of investment fraud typically involve misrepresentations that were made by a company in an effort to obtain capital from a prospective investor. The company may have misrepresented matters such as the following:

  • How much money the company was making
  • The amount of assets owned by the company
  • The status of other investors’ financial stability


Investment Dispute in Austin? Call McDuff.

I am business lawyer, John McDuff, and I am fully prepared to represent you in investment litigation. I handle all kinds of investment disputes, including disputes over stock ownership, vesting of stock options, financing of investments or shareholder control issues. I am up to speed on the challenges you face as a party in an investment litigation case — whether as an investor or as the owner of the venture that solicited funds through investments. I will make legal recommendations that I believe are most likely to lead to a satisfactory outcome, including plans for mediation or trial. I primarily serve clients in Austin, Travis County and Central Texas. Contact my law office at 512-457-1177 to discuss possible remedies if you lost a substantial sum through fraud or manipulations.

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