Sales Taxes

Sales tax is a tax on on the sale of certain goods and services, which is paid to the government. Problems arise when people and/or companies collect their sales taxes and spend that money instead of paying the taxes to the state of Texas. In addition, people and/or companies get in trouble for failing to collect tax on a sale or service that requires a sales tax. Often, problems arise when business owners do not keep good records of their transactions or when they fail to properly file their taxes.

Personal Liability for Your Company’s Sales Tax Issues
If your company collected sales taxes, but did not pay them to the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts, you may become personally liable for your company’s sales tax liability. If your company cannot quickly pay the taxes, the Attorney General’s Office will collect them from you personally. If no entity is able to pay the tax (neither you nor your company), The Law Office of John McDuff, P.C. will negotiate a payment plan, if it comes to that. However, John McDuff strives to beat the tax dispute in the very beginning so that you do not have to face this solution.

John McDuff Handles Sales Tax Issues at Every Level

At the Law Office of John McDuff, P.C., we handle sales tax issues at audit, at administrative hearing, and in District Court. Occasionally, on audits, John McDuff is asked to resolve a sales tax issue before there is an assessment of tax. However, this typically occurs in issues with a lot of money at stake. More often than not, a tax assessment has already been made, and John McDuff is asked to take over the case and appeal the assessment. If you have the misfortune of losing at the administrative hearing, we can sue in state District Court.

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