Failure to File Tax Returns

Failing to file tax returns can create a large financial burden for a taxpayer. In addition to owing back taxes, they also owe penalties (which can be very large), and have charges for interest. While some can afford to pay for these charges, most taxpayers must plea their case before the Tax Collection Division. If you are to appear in front of the Tax Collection Division, it is crucial that you hire an experience tax attorney to represent you.

In addition to charges and penalties, there is the very real possibility of criminal prosecution for failing to file tax returns. You could be sentenced to jail for one year, for each year that you failed to file your tax returns. Even more reason to hire a experienced lawyer to defend your case. If you put off the filing of your taxes, your circumstances will only worsen The sooner you deal with this, the better.

Tax Attorney, John McDuff Will Represent You

John McDuff brings over 20 years of experience in tax litigation, and has represented countless clients who have failed to file their tax returns. There have been cases in which John has negotiated to remove penalties. He also defends clients when their newly filed returns are audited (this is infrequent, but it does happen).

John McDuff understands the IRS, their task, their priorities, and the informal guidelines and language used at the IRS.

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