District Court Tax Suits

If you want to have your tax lawsuit heard in federal district court, you must first pay the disputed tax in advance and later sue for a refund. If you have the money to pay the disputed tax, a tax attorney can help frame your case and look at the advantages and disadvantages of having your case heard in federal district court as opposed to tax court.

Why Choose Federal District Court Over Tax Court?

There is a general belief that decisions in U.S. district court are more objective than decisions in tax court. Because tax suits are only one of many types of cases that are heard in U.S. district court, they are approached from a broader point of view. The IRS is a party to every case heard in tax court, and some people believe that this familiarity breeds a slight favoritism. In addition, unlike tax court, you can get a jury at federal district court.

How Can a Tax Attorney Help Me in a District Court Tax Suit?

In district court, the federal rules of civil procedure are followed. These rules are more formal and detailed than the rules of tax court. Following these procedures exactly maximizes your chances of success. As such, an experienced tax attorney is invaluable for taxpayers seeking a truly favorable outcome. If the federal district court does not rule in your favor, that decision can be appealed to the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals. You want an attorney who can your case persuasively and knowledgeably, seeking every advantage for you.

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