Tax Litigation

The IRS is demanding more money from you, but you believe you have a reason to challenge them. This is a tax controversy. In this kind of case, it is important to follow best tax litigation procedures to defeat the claims made by the IRS and to emerge in as strong a position as possible.

Rely on Tax Litigation Attorney, John McDuff


I have successfully handled cases as large as five million dollars and as small as 50,000 dollars. I have handled income tax, excise tax, penalty, and estate tax problems. I have counseled other lawyers on criminal tax matters. I have appeared frequently in tax court, as well as in the federal district court and the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals. When the state of Texas seeks to collect sales taxes from my clients, I have been there, too, at the audit, administrative appeal, and litigation stages.

John McDuff brings sophisticated qualifications and 20+ years of experience to the table when advising clients with legal concerns involving tax law. His law office handles complex tax disputes and related issues, including the following:

John McDuff will handle your audit from start to finish. After the audit, there may be a tax appeal. If you do not win at appeals, you may sue in tax court (specifically if you cannot afford the payment or the consequences of payment are severe). If you win in court, no payment will ever be made; if you lose in court, you can pay the tax over time, or make an appeal to the United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit. As a tax litigation attorney, and a former CPA, John McDuff has taken all of these steps, at one time or another, for his clients. His experience can become your advantage.

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