IRS Installment Plans

Pay Off Your Tax Debt Over Time Through a Payment Plan

In some circumstances, taxpayers that have fallen behind on tax payments may qualify for an IRS installment plan. In an IRS installment plan, the IRS will measure out a reasonable and appropriate amount of taxes for you to pay per month. This is a viable option for many individuals who cannot manage to pay their tax debt immediately.

The IRS is not obligated to approve installment plans, and often the approved payment plan is still unreasonably high. As such, it is crucial that you seek a skilled tax attorney to present your case to the IRS. The Law Office of John McDuff, P.C. provides experienced counsel with respect to how you present the facts of your case. Typically, the IRS calculates your income and deduct the allowable amount of your living expenses. John McDuff works hard to maximize the allowable amount of your livings expenses, and he is committed to achieving the lowest monthly rate possible for you.

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