Tax Collection

The IRS wants you to pay your back taxes. Either you do not have the money, or getting the money will ruin your business. The IRS is making you personally responsible for the debts of your business. Carrying the burden of your company’s debts could ruin you. The Law Office of John McDuff, P.C. handles these types of cases when they involved amounts over $50,000. In the past, John McDuff has handled tax collection cases in the millions of dollars.

In tax collection, you must be careful since the federal government has many years to collect on your back taxes. The IRS may put you on a payment plan and/or under a lien which can severely limit your lifestyle. There are always collateral matters in these cases. Are you sure that you do owe back taxes? There are ways to contest a tax debt that has already been assessed. John McDuff provides experienced, knowledgeable counsel in tax collection matters, such as:

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