John McDuff helps small businesses determine the method for financing for start-up or growth. He also advises on the terms of the financing and handles all necessary contracts. His background as a CPA provides him with invaluable insights in the process of business financing.

Business Financing Counsel

Should you borrow money? Should you bring in investors? There are pros and cons to each. Whatever you choose, you will need to provide a long-term plan for the business and substantial documentation. You must be cautious with disclosures and representations to avoid later allegations of financing or investment fraud. The Law Office of John McDuff, P.C. provides complete business planning services. We can assist in loan agreements for enterprises, and help you answer key questions such as: What collateral will you use? How much should you risk? Can you get a better deal?

Representation for Investors

If you are an investor considering putting money into a business, John McDuff can perform the due diligence to determine if it is a worthy investment. He will consider the company’s product lines or services against market conditions, examine disclosure statements, and find out if there are liens, pending lawsuits, or licensing or regulatory issues.

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