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There are multiple considerations when you plan to buy a business or sell one. Neglecting any of them can lead to complications and disputes down the road.

I have aided clients in the full gamut of business transactions, including purchase of an existing enterprise or a merger of two companies. I bring over 30 years of law practice and an accounting background. To discuss your prospective deal, call me today at 512.457.1177. I have served clients throughout Travis County and Central Texas, including sales of businesses valued at tens of millions of dollars.

Buying a Business

I perform the due diligence and manage all the details of the transaction, including negotiation of the purchase contract and managing the cash transaction or sale of stock to close the deal.

I address all key issues:

  • Market position
  • Veracity of financial statements
  • Clear title to property
  • Existing, pending or potential lawsuits or liens
  • Non-compete and trade secret covenants
  • Liability for advertising misrepresentations
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Financing

Seller Representation

If you are selling a business (or your ownership interest in one), you also need to be protected in the sale agreement. I verify loan commitments to assure that the deal is on track, and check into the buyer’s background for any indications of fraud. As a seller, you are representing that there are no (undisclosed) problems with the business and property. To limit future claims of the other party, I go over all warranties and representations to remedy any red flag issues. I also provide tax planning counsel to minimize the tax hit on proceeds of the transaction.

As a seasoned business lawyer and CPA, I have conducted buy-sell transactions, performed legal audits, and litigated contract disputes arising from these deals. I know the potential pitfalls and the corresponding protections you need to buy a business or sell a business.

Contact my Austin office, online or at 512.457.1177.

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