Business Contracts

Experience in the Negotiation and Drafting of Business Contracts

As a seasoned litigator, John McDuff has exploited many poorly written business agreements. In the negotiation and drafting of business contracts, McDuff makes sure that you do not fall into traps. The Law Office of John McDuff, P.C. has negotiated transactions in the tens of millions and handled (and litigated) contracts involving:

  • The buying or selling of a business
  • Commercial real estate transactions
  • Contracts with customers, suppliers and trade partners
  • Agreements on compensation, restrictive covenants
  • Operating, shareholder, partnership and joint venture agreements
  • Financing terms
  • Licensing and royalty contracts

Rely on John McDuff to Draft Your Contract

In negotiating and papering the terms of agreements, The Law Office of John McDuff, P.C. addresses the legal risks, the tax consequences and the financial risk if the other party fails to perform. The language is simple, but the contract is as thorough as necessary to cover all the bases. John McDuff drafts contracts that protect clients by anticipating potential contract disputes and addressing those issues one by one. He clarifies any warranties and verifies representations, and he minimizes any tax liabilities on the back end of contracts.

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