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Did Wrongful Acts Concerning Tortious Interference Harm Your Business?

Tortious Interference Lawyer in Austin, Texas

A whispering here, a lost account there. A trusted employee joins a competitor. A supplier doesn’t renew a contract, or breaches a contract or simply voids the contract. You lose an account you thought was in the bag! It can quickly add up to substantial economic losses.

More and more, I am handling cases in which one business is sued for interfering in or blocking the economic relationships of another business. Tortious interference with an existing business relationship, such as a contract, is an actionable tort — if you can prove it. And it is a business tort to interfere with a possible contract, when there is some wrongdoing involved, such as false representations, defamation (libel or slander), or other intentional acts of sabotage or fraud.

I am available to represent plaintiffs legitimately wronged, or to defend businesses guilty only of robust competition. Contact the law office of John McDuff, Attorney at Law in Austin at 512.457.1177.

Tortious Interference Litigation

Two elements of a suit for tortious interference are tricky:

  • A tangible economic impact: in the loss of established customers or suppliers; loss of new prospects; a corresponding decline in present or future revenue or profits
  • A wrongful act: when you are suing for interference with a prospective business relationship, one must prove a false representation, defamation (libel or slander), or other intentional act of sabotage or fraud

Wrongful Act or Fair Game?

The line between tortious interference and fair competition is a fine one. Bad-mouthing the competition is not necessarily grounds for a lawsuit. But calling your cross-town rival “a crook” may well be.

Many of these cases get sorted out by a jury. You must be represented by an experienced business litigation attorney who has handled multi-million-dollar cases.

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