What is a Stipulation?

In business litigation, stipulations are defined as agreements between litigants about undisputed facts. Stipulations can streamline the legal process and can make it easier for a judge to reach the heart of a legal matter. When used effectively, stipulations can help parties of business litigation arrive at a resolution more efficiently and even save on legal expenses.

With that said, it is important that your attorney has the tactical understanding necessary to utilize stipulations appropriately. Any facts that have been stipulated are binding. Consequently, it is necessary that your attorney does not needlessly stipulate to facts that are in question and potentially damage your case.

When are Stipulations Used?

The use of stipulations depends, in part, on the size of the court’s docket. When courts have an extensive caseload, judges are more likely to influence the parties to stipulate to as many facts as possible in order to speed up the legal process. Some courts, such as Tax Court, frequently rely on stipulations between parties.

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