Real Estate Litigation Attorney

Real estate represents a major investment for involved parties. As such, real estate disputes can delay or even derail a potentially profitable endeavor. When there are substantial amounts of money on the line, you need to work with a real estate litigation lawyer who understands your objectives and can work diligently to achieve them.

John McDuff has more than 20 years of experience helping businesses and individuals in Austin, Texas obtain positive outcomes in complex real estate litigation. McDuff will represent any party in a real estate dispute, including property owners, developers, tenants, investors, lenders and others. Our law firm can take on real estate disputes of all types, including:

  • Ownership and possession issues
  • Allegations of fraud
  • Failing to disclose defects in a property
  • Easement disputes
  • Boundary and property line disputes

Boundary Dispute

When property owners do not agree with the way boundary lines are set, it can result in legal conflicts with significant stakes. When handling boundary disputes, John McDuff seeks out all relevant facts in deed records, titles, land surveys and other records. Often, such records make it clear who is the rightful owner of a piece of property, even if an opposing party claims the boundary lies elsewhere.

Failure to Disclose Defects in Real Estate

When property owners sell a house, commercial building or other property, they are legally required to disclose all material defects to the buyer. Defects can include cracks in the foundation, leaky roofs, faulty plumbing and other flaws in construction or design. Sellers are also required to disclose potential environmental hazards, zoning violations and other problems that may expose the buyer to future liability. John McDuff represents buyers and sellers of residential and commercial real estate in litigation centering on failure to disclose defects.

Easement Dispute

An easement is the right to use another individual’s property for a specified reason. Easements are often used by government entities, utility companies, and other parties who need to use private property to carry out a construction project, run power lines, have access to other land or in some other capacity.

An easement dispute can be a costly, disruptive affair. Failure to proactively address these issues could result in losing your right to property that is rightfully yours. John McDuff has extensive experience handling real estate litigation and can advise you in a wide range of easement and easement-related matters including: prescriptive easements, adverse possession, trespassing, encroachment, right of way, and more.

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Whatever the specifics of your dispute, you can rely on John McDuff to provide attentive, efficient representation. The overwhelming majority of real estate disputes are eventually settled, rather than resolved at trial. However, it is important to have a business lawyer on your side who can present a persuasive claim in court when necessary.

I am John McDuff, and I will be ready to expend all of my efforts in order to seek a favorable outcome in your case, regardless of the forum. My experience and skill is matched only by my commitment to providing responsive, attentive client service. I will keep you informed of all major developments in your case from beginning to end. I primarily serve clients in Austin and Central Texas.

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