Partition Law

A partition is the division of property between joint owners. In some cases, owners may agree to a partition voluntarily. In other cases, one or more land owner may file a lawsuit calling for a court-ordered partition. Typically, the court will divide the real estate into portions which equal the corresponding interests of all parities involved. If you need legal guidance for a partition-related issue or are engaged in a similar real estate dispute, it is important to consult with an attorney who is experienced in these matters.

Handling Partition Actions and Disputes

Partition actions can involve the dividing of property such as a farm, ranch, residential real estate, commercial property or other real estate. In a partition in kind, the property is divided up between the individual owners; in a partition by sale, the property is sold and the proceeds are divided among the owners.

Partition actions are often agreed upon by all owners, but in some cases, this is not the case. John McDuff represents property owners seeking partitions when one or more of the other owners oppose the partition. He also represents property owners who oppose having the property divided. Whatever your situation, the law firm of John McDuff will handle all of the necessary legal details with care and attention to detail.

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