Texas Court Jurisdiction

In business law, issues of law often have as much importance as issues of fact. When clients work with me, Attorney John McDuff, on matters of business litigation, I conduct a thorough review of all relevant laws and procedures. I often begin with an assessment of jurisdiction. I determine the courts in which lawsuits may be brought and won. I also defend lawsuits by challenging incorrect jurisdiction.

Navigating Procedural Matters

Whether there are millions at stake or thousands, it is critical to work with an attorney who has in-depth knowledge of the laws and procedures that may affect your case. At my Austin, Texas, law firm, I have represented a broad spectrum of businesses in high-stakes business litigation. Using years of experience, I help my clients effectively navigate matters of jurisdiction as well as other procedural matters, positioning them to achieve the best possible results in complex business litigation.

Types of Jurisdiction

Jurisdiction is often defined as the authority of a court to exercise judicial power. To decide a case, federal and state courts must have a combination of subject matter and personal jurisdiction over the matter at hand:

  • Subject matter jurisdiction is the authority of a court to hear cases relating to a specific subject matter. Subject matter jurisdiction cannot be waived, and verdicts decided by a court without subject matter jurisdiction are not enforceable.
  • Personal jurisdiction is the power of a court to render a judgment against a specific defendant or regarding a specific item of property. Objections to personal jurisdiction may be waived by the defendant.

As an experienced lawyer, I handle issues of subject matter and personal jurisdiction for my clients. These issues require in-depth knowledge of statutory and case law, including decisions regarding due process requirements in state court, diversity jurisdiction in federal courts, and the minimum contacts a person must have with the state in which a court is located.

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