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Fraud can be a garden variety accusation, thrown into many lawsuits without any particular meaning. On occasion, however, it is a very serious allegation to make, and to defend.

The law office of John McDuff brings veteran perspective and aggressive legal counsel to fraud litigation in Austin and Travis County. I represent plaintiffs and sometimes the accused in a wide range of civil fraud lawsuits. I have handled large and complex cases involving millions in losses or illegal gains. Call 512.457.1177 to determine your legal standing or potential civil exposure.

Fraud Litigation in Austin, Texas

I have litigated fraud in all permutations:

  • Business-to-business fraud
  • Commercial transaction fraud
  • Material misrepresentations to obtain a contract
  • Fraud by non-disclosure
  • Investment fraud (stock brokerage and private offerings)
  • Absconding or failure to perform
  • Corporate embezzlement
  • Accounting fraud (“cooking the books”)
  • Government fraud

In fraud litigation, the sticking point is usually intent. Specifically, proving intent. Was the fraud sordid and overt, or the unwitting product of an over-aggressive strategy in a business deal? Were false statements knowingly given? Was omission of key information an oversight or intentional?

Another key aspect in fraud is conspiracy. I establish the culpability of others who can be brought into a fraud lawsuit – the “deep pockets,” when the chief defendant’s assets are limited or insulated from exposure. I commonly file causes of action for conspiracy or Breach of fiduciary duty together. Even a spouse or business partner who benefits from the fraud can be named in the lawsuit.

If you were defrauded of a substantial sum, contact an aggressive fraud litigation lawyer to discuss the merits of a civil claim for damages. Call 512.457.1177 or reach me online.

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