What is Copyright Infringement?

For businesses, creative works, including literary, dramatic, artistic, and musical — as well as original software source code — can be tremendous assets. Copyright protection exists to control the use of creative work and to protect these assets.

However, defending copyrighted works against infringement can be challenging and does require the assistance of an experienced lawyer who is familiar with intellectual property law. Attorney, John McDuff uses extensive resources, skill and litigation experience to help achieve the best possible results for his clients. McDuff draws heavily on his knowledge of U.S. intellectual property law to achieve favorable outcomes for his clients.

Copyright Dispute in Austin? Contact John McDuff.

I am John McDuff, and one of my first goals is helping clients prevent litigation before it begins. I often inform clients that it is possible to register copyrights with the U.S. Copyright Office to enhance copyright protection. When copyright infringement occurs, I guide them through their legal options. I also represent business entities that are accused of infringing on a copyright owned by another business or individual.

When I handle a copyright infringement lawsuit, I aggressively represent my clients’ interests. This includes taking forceful action. It also includes making a cost-conscious analysis of the situation designed to maximize the likelihood of a profitable resolution. After we have created a strategy for successful resolution of a matter, I remain intimately involved throughout all phases of intellectual property litigation. Arrange a consultation with me, John McDuff, to discuss the specifics of your copyright dispute. Call 512.457.1177. I return phone calls and e-mails promptly, if not immediately.


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