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Proving the Defendant Had Help

It’s difficult to perpetrate fraud, particularly in a corporate setting, without the knowledge and willing involvement of others.

In a lawsuit for fraud or business torts, a companion action of conspiracy enables you to name other parties under the theory of participatory liability. I try to bring in as many people who are actually liable as I can, to expand the pool of assets to cover damages.

What Constitutes Conspiracy?

Obviously, it’s conspiracy when two people actually plot together to defraud another party or sabotage their enterprise, and then take action. But a conspirator can be a party who assists or encourages the fraud. When two or more parties agree on a course of action, all may be named in a conspiracy lawsuit if any one of them commits a violation of the law. It could involve corporate insiders, brokers, investors or lenders, tax accountants, business partners.

As with Fraud litigation, proving conspiracy requires an element of intent. However, we may only need to provide objective evidence of action in concert to show that the fraudulent activity was discussed. Intent to defraud may, in some cases, be imputed from the interaction.

I bring 20 years of insights as a business law and civil litigation lawyer.  I can determine if you have a viable lawsuit and whether accomplices can be sued for conspiracy.

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