Should You Pursue Litigation?

Litigation is risky. When a business dispute requires legal action, it can be difficult to know how it will turn out. Jury verdicts are not always favorable and settlements cannot always be negotiated. No matter how skilled the lawyer or how clear-cut the case, there is always the risk of loss.

Expert Case Evaluations

At our law firm in Austin, Texas, we offer thorough and complete case evaluations to businesses engaged in disputes. We work with clients throughout Central Texas and occasionally in other states, helping them to decide whether to aggressively pursue litigation or to explore other alternatives.

Our clients often come to us with numerous questions: Do we spend money on this? Do we take the risk? Do we settle? They face difficult decisions that affect the future of their businesses. At the John McDuff law firm, we guide clients step-by-step thorough the decision-making process, giving them an experienced attorney’s opinion regarding legal action. John McDuff will often review the evidence involved and the credibility of the primary witnesses. He also reviews the cost of business litigation, the expected damages, the chance of winning and the likelihood of collecting damages after a favorable judgment.

Business Dispute in Austin? Contact Us for a Complete Case Evaluation

I am John McDuff and my case evaluations to you involves intangibles. It is inherently a judgment, a matter of opinion. To inform my judgment, I consider many variables, including the nature of the case, the nature of the possible jurors, the credibility and knowledge of the witnesses (including you), the available documentary evidence, the identity of the attorney for your opponent, and more. In making this evaluation, I bring to you my skill, talent, experience, education, and training, as well as my best efforts.

I never encourage you to pursue litigation to line my pockets, and, for that matter, never encourage you to continue your litigation, to line my pockets. My goal is to help you gain a practical understanding of what you can and cannot do with your business and legal concern. To learn more, call 512.457.1177 to speak with me about your legal concerns. I primarily serve clients in Austin, Travis County, and Central Texas.


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