Texas Appeals Court

The ideal outcome in trial is for the court to agree with your position and rule accordingly. Unfortunately, despite best efforts, the court may not always make a favorable ruling in your case. When the trial court makes legal or factual errors, an appeal may be the best course of action.

Whether you are seeking to overturn or preserve the ruling of the trial court, rely on John McDuff. The John McDuff law firm will narrow down the issues for appeal, utilizing only those arguments that are most likely to persuade an appellate panel. Appeals are often won or lost in the written brief stage; McDuff will prepare a persuasive brief based on the evidence at hand. If there are oral arguments, you can rely on our law firm to make an effective presentation of the merits of your case.


The Costs and Benefits of an Appeal

If you were not successful in trial and are contemplating an appeal, your lawyer must offer a candid analysis of the potential costs against the potential benefits. With over 20 years of experience representing businesses in civil litigation, John McDuff has a good understanding for whether or not an appeal is likely to be successful. He offers counsel that makes sense from both a business and a legal perspective.

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If there are solid legal grounds for an appeal, an appeal may be advisable. If an appeal has little chance of success, I will likely advise my client to refrain from appealing (unless there is a substantial amount at stake). Whatever the situation, you will know that my advice will be based with your best interests in mind. If you have an appeals case, contact my office at 512.457.1177 to schedule an appointment. My clients are predominantly from Austin, Travis County, and Central Texas.

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